Help Me Pick My Poster

Just slightly over a week ago, I went to Glamour Shots to have some pictures taken because I need a professional shot to have made into a poster for the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books, April 24th and 25th at UCLA.

One Hundred Day Challenge

Yesterday signified day 1 of the last 100 days of 2009. It’s hard to believe we have almost lived through a decade of the new millennium.

Coming Out of the Cave

I have been working so hard on getting Nowhere Feels Like Home edited and ready for publication, that I feel a little like I have been hiding in a cave somewhere only attend to those things which were absolutely necessary. I have now tied it up with a bow and am waiting on my ISBN so I can move on to the next part which is getting a proof copy to ensure everything looks the way it should.

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Start the Fireworks

The moment strikes and it’s like a frission in your brain. Your heart starts pumping faster. You have the sensation of fireworks going off in your head. Pleasure radiates through your entire body until it reaches the point where you want to start screaming, “Yes. Yes. YES!”

When Is It My Turn?

I usually don’t complain about much (except for when Mama gets an idea to put a hat on my head), I go amiably along with what my family is doing. I even wrestle with Elsa from time to time to keep her happy.

The Trip to San Diego

The day dawned gloomy and overcast. After the mini-heat wave which gave us a taste of the summer weather to come, we were glad to have a bit of a chill in the air. After loading the car up, Denny and I headed out to make the 80 mile drive down to the San Diego Children’s Book Festival. I, for one, was hoping the weather would stay a little on the chilly side. A little gloom never hurt anyone, and I tend to melt in the heat. As we were approaching San Diego, horror of horrors, precipitation was falling out of the sky and landing on my windshield. I didn’t want the weather to be that gloomy.

Strange Phenomenon

Today has been a somewhat strange day. I started off laughing this morning over a video by Jackson Pearce about the line editing process. Since I am in the middle of that process with Nowhere Feels Like Home, I can completely relate to it. So, the day started off well enough, and then as the day wore on, it started to lose its bubbles. While I was working, I noticed I kept getting email notifications of new people following me on Twitter. It happens once in awhile, but today was extraordinary. Being at work, I didn’t have time to check it out and see why I was getting so many followers. In fact, I didn’t have time to do much more than think wow, that’s a lot of followers.

A Wonderland of Marketing

Allyson and Sondra Ames are living their dream. Every day they arise knowing that Wonderland awaits them. This mother and daughter duo run the acclaimed Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach, CA. Allyson recognized her passion for food at a very early age and has been encouraged in her endeavors by her entreprenurial and visionary mother, Sondra. Together the two of them have created an enchanted bakery to dazzle and delight all visitors.

Meet Me in San Diego

I had such a good time at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books that when the opportunity to attend the San Diego Children’s Book Festival came up, I jumped at the chance. I think this might be even better for Misfit McCabe and figuring out which cover I want to make the new cover. There’s actually no reason not … Read More

Book Festival Here I Come

I think I might actually be ready for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this coming weekend. I have received my order of books, have business cards, bookmarks, hand out cards, and posters. And I designed t-shirts for both Denny and I to wear at the event with the Misfit McCabe traveling book site (Where in the World is … Read More