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This morning as I was driving along, I started thinking about change. Most of us don’t like change when it is thrust upon us, and I’m no exception to that. At work we have been trying to keep all of the machines running although they are getting up there age-wise and are definitely past their use-by date. I’ve been hording some laptops that we were given to use as replacements for a couple of reasons. Once you replace an old laptop with a new one, the breakage rate increases astronomically in a wave of me-too longing, as soon as someone else sees that there is a new laptop to have. Now mind you, my stock is a handful, so I have to control the release to do the least damage. We have gone through all of our stock on hand of the old laptop models and have used them for parts until we now no longer have any parts left that are usable.

How does this relate to change for me? Well, in order to keep the status quo, I am having to take on one of the new laptops so that my current/old laptop can be used for parts. Most people would be thrilled with this event. I’m not for a couple of reasons. I know that the unit I now have due to putting my old laptop on the chopping block is only temporary, so I will have to go through the process of transferring all of my pertinent files again in the near future (whenever they finally break down and decide the time is right to buy new equipment). So, that’s an inconvenience and I’ll get over it.

The screen on the new unit is wider, but shorter. I’d love if it were wider and the same height, but shorter? Come on. Ok, I’ll get over that too – eventually. But as I was driving along musing over the fact that I was bugged by a change that would have thrilled most, it hit me. The old laptop had a software on it that I am not going to install on the new one as we are driving away from it, and I need to let go as well because I no longer use it for work.

The issue? I do use it to work with my website on occasion and will now be forced to do what I have actually wanted to do for awhile, which is change platform for how the Griffie World website is set up. I’ve been meaning to, but don’t actually want to go through the pain of again rebuilding the whole thing. There are so many reasons that I should. Better integration of the website and blog being a primary factor, plus some of the additional flexibility/functionality that I will have at my fingertips that I don’t have to build from scratch, like I do with the current website.

So, while I’m thinking about revamping the website, the characters in Nowhere Feels Like Home and its sequel were popping up to say Not so fast. I realized that they are right. Before I can even think about revamping the site, I need to get the editing process completed on Nowhere Feels Like Home because I don’t want to lose the momentum on the project. In the meantime, thoughts of what I would like to do with Griffie World kept surfacing and I really am going to have to figure out how to carve a little more time out of the day. There truly are not enough hours to do what I want to do, as well as those things that I have to do.

Don’t look for a revised site in the near future. I’m going to have to get all of my ideas marshalled and map out my strategy, and besides Katie McCabe won’t let me work on that until I finish her story.

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