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Today, I thought that I might do a little blog about St. Patrick’s Day as I left for work wearing green pants and a blouse with some green in it. Maybe some musing on how much trouble you can get into drinking green beer (not that I have any personal experience with that), or perhaps some leprechaun lore, to help celebrate the day. But, instead, I got sidetracked by traffic. Several people were driving like idiots this morning, so what starts going through my head? Not leprechauns, pots of gold, or even green beer (seriously, I’ve never even had a sip of it), but Star Trek. Ok, not all of Star Trek, just the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty.” as I sat in a line of unmoving traffic.

Which took me off course and I started to think about how it would be if we could actually beam places. No – wait! I don’t want to beam anywhere, I want to travel like Elizabeth Montgomery in her role as Bewitched! A little wiggle of the nose, with the appropriate sound affects, and bam you’re at your destination. No Scotty to have to rely on. Really, what would happen if Scotty had to answer the call of nature when Capt. Kirk and Spock really needed that beam? Samantha handled her own stuff. Plus, I can remember as a child trying to twinkle my nose like Tabitha and being very disappointed that it didn’t work in the same way. I mean after all, we were much the same age, we both had blue eyes, and we were both blondes with petite noses, so why didn’t mine work like hers did? She didn’t even have to wiggle it on her own. . .she could use her finger to help herself out.

Many times I tried to get my room to clean itself up, or the bed to make itself, and all with utter failure. Was it true, was a I mere mortal like Derwood, I mean Darren? And if Darren were such a mere mortal, then how could he change his appearance like that?

Well, now that I have really gone off the beaten path, it’s time to get back to editing Nowhere Feels Like Home. Do you think I can get it to edit itself if I wiggle my nose?

PS Letting my thoughts wander that way did take my mind of the fact that I was crawling along on the freeway, so maybe the nose wiggle did work.


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