Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Twitterizing the Workplace

I was chatting online with fellow author, Shannon Yarbrough (Stealing Wishes, The Other Side of What) this morning before getting ready for work about a post on Twitter. I noticed that he posted that he was staying home from work due to illness and commented on it as our communication continued. Then, as we went far afield on several different topics, he had to take a break so he could call work and let them know that he wasn’t coming. I had to laugh. What if we used Twitter as a device to call-in to work, instead of using a telephone.

Of course, since on the way to work myself not long after that thought, I mused over the different possiblities that invoking the Twitter mentality in the workplace could foster. Just think of it. . .managers would check those that they are following on twitter every morning to see whether anyone would not be arriving at the work place as expected. What if the employee blocked the manager so that they couldn’t see their updates?

Every company has them. The people who go on and on and on and on in email and never quite get to the point. Just think how implementing the Twitter mentality in email would be. Everyone would be limited to a certain number of characters, so they couldn’t waste all that time typing up their latest dissertation to confuse the masses with and would have to get to the  point. Straight to the point every email. No room for fluff. And for those who tend to pontificate and never say anything of value – that’s the beauty of the block function. Most companies would save paper because those employees who insist on printing out their emails so that they can be maintained in paper files, would now be reduced to printing a single page which could contain several communications.

(Now, this one’s my favorite) Meetings. . .I’m in meetings all the time, and if not meetings then conference calls. Wouldn’t it be great to implement the 140 second rule? Once the time had passed, your turn is over and the floor turns over to someone else. We’d get them over with in record time, and you eliminate having to listen to someone drone on and on for an hour on a topic that actually has nothing to do with your job.

Let the Twitter revolution begin.

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2 Comments on “Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Twitterizing the Workplace”

  1. Believe it or not, my workplace is looking into using Twitter as a way to communicate with customers. Found this out on Monday. I had to laugh because it immediately reminded me of our chat.

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