Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Waiting for the Siren Call

Starting Memorial Day weekend, I took a two and a half week stay-cation, and expected to be able to work on the editing of Nowhere Feels Like Home, but life doesn’t always turn out as expected. I didn’t even open up the file the entire time I was home. I’ve had a few other things going on and the writing has been put on the shelf for the moment.

I actually think that it is a good thing because I have been pushing myself to finish and without this little break, I would most likely have forced myself to tie it up in a bow and call it done. I hit the point where I was ready to be done with the work, while the work is not ready to be done. It is these times when the right thing to do is put the work on the shelf and walk away. When I’m pushing to finish is the exact time when the worst things can happen to my work. I can gut things that should stay, I can add things that shouldn’t be there. This way, neither author or characters get hurt.

So while the manuscript sits on its figurative shelf, I wait for the siren call that is sure to come. The music may start softly and then will build with time until I can no longer stand to be away from the story line and the characters within. Will I miss the first notes of the siren song through inattention? Or will they come to me clearly, calling my name, and luring me back into the depths of editing? When I hear the song, it will be the right time. The time to pick the manuscript up, dust it off and dive into the pages and make the necessary changes. I will once again transform into the writer, where little else matters in the world except my story. So, Katie, I’m waiting to hear those first whispered notes. Sing to me Katie McCabe and call me back to the place I long to be.

LK Griffie
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