Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Start the Fireworks

The moment strikes and it’s like a frission in your brain. Your heart starts pumping faster. You have the sensation of fireworks going off in your head. Pleasure radiates through your entire body until it reaches the point where you want to start screaming, “Yes. Yes. YES!” And you want to throw your head back and laugh with pure joy. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

You’ve just had an epiphany. Some little bit that had been bothering you about your writing just surfaced and you finally know how you’re going to handle it. Maybe it’s a plot point that you couldn’t get your mind around. Maybe a new character surfaces. Maybe it’s a bit of dialogue the provides the perfect end to a scene. Whatever it is, once you have the epiphany, it seems like the creative flood gates open and you are ready to WRITE!

I love when it happens. For a writer it is the ultimate part of the creative process. Sometimes it happens when you are not actively struggling with a concept. It happened for me this morning. I was going along, on my way to work, when BAM it happens. I suddenly know the one thing that will tie Nowhere Feels Like Home together and put a big bow on it. I wasn’t even thinking of the book at the time, and the answer was only one word that floated through my mind, and then suddenly the whole concept was there right in front of me ready to scoop up. Now all I have to do is find the right place in the book to insert a scene or two and make it happen. Sometimes being a writer is very good.

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