Coming Out of the Cave

I have been working so hard on getting Nowhere Feels Like Home edited and ready for publication, that I feel a little like I have been hiding in a cave somewhere only able to attend to those things which were absolutely necessary. I have now tied it up with a bow and am waiting on my ISBN so I can move on to the next part which is getting a proof copy to ensure everything looks the way it should. Then I need to get the ARC (Advance Reader Copies) out making the rounds to get some reviews, and then, just maybe I can put this book to press.

In the meantime, while I’m waiting, I need to get the book trailer started and I have been itching to get going on the next book in the series. It still amazes me that I am in the middle of writing a series because when I originally wrote Misfit McCabe, it was supposed to be a stand alone book. Now, I’m so embroiled in the story line, I don’t know where it’s going to stop. I know what I hope to accomplish with book three, but whether I will get everything in this upcoming book or not will be the question. I tend to have some grandiose ideas about what I will be writing before I actually do the writing. Then I sit down, go into the writing zone, and the next thing I know I’m coming out of the fog, looking around, and realize I only covered about half of what I had intended to. The book just went in its own direction. I guess that’s okay because I just have more storyline to throw into the next book. Although, I would like to finish this series up so I can get on to some other writing projects which are waiting for my attention.

I will also be working on getting the second edition of Misfit McCabe ready for release, and need to work on the Kindlized versions of both books. Then I will need to jump on the marketing merry-go-round again (I don’t think you ever really get off that one though.) Just the thought of everything that has to get done makes me feel like running back to the cave. ♥

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