Nowhere Feels Like Home Nabs 2010 Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award

The below is the press release sent out via re: the Pearson Prize contest honors for Nowhere Feels Like Home.

It’s official. For the second year in a row, LK Griffie has garnered Pearson Prize Teen Choice award honors with her late 2009 release, Nowhere Feels Like Home. The second book in the Misfit McCabe series captures the tumultuous emotions of the teen years through the struggles of fourteen-year-old Katie McCabe as she copes with grief and anger. By inviting teens to select their favorite books for the contest, The Pearson Prize excites teens about reading.

Author LK Griffie specializes in teen literature and Nowhere Feels Like Home continues the story of rebellious Katie. Stuck in bed with a broken ankle and reeling from the loss of her father, her home, and life as she knew it, Katie must deal with her anger toward the town bully and a world that’s fallen apart. Teens identify with Katie’s emotional journey to fit into a new school, a new home, and a new family.

The Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award started in 2008 as a way to engage Montreal teenagers in reading books. The brain child of Michael Earnest Sweet, the prize also serves as a way to bring in books for teens to read on a limited budget. Authors donate books as their entrance fee to the contest, the teens get books to read, and the authors get recognition.

LK Griffie says, “I am thrilled to have my work selected as a winner in the 2010 Pearson Prize Teen Choice awards and overjoyed that the students continue to enjoy my work and can connect with Katie.” For more information on Nowhere Feels Like Home and LK Griffie, visit The Misfit McCabe series is available on For more information about the Person Prize, visit

Pearson Prize Teen Choice Award contest is held annually in Montreal, QC to help promote reading and obtain books for the schools. Nowhere Feels Like Home is a young adult novel and one of the 2010 Pearson Prize winners.

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  1. Yaaay!

    Congratulations, good lady. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. And two years in a row!

    Methinks this calls for celebratory vodka. 🙂

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