It Gets Better — Authors and Illustrators Unite

One common theme that runs through the stories I write is that of bullying. Every story idea comes equipped with a bully and I think the reason is that bullying happens every day. I’ve never understood the mentality of a bully…why do they see the need to tear down others?

Well, one thing I’m going to start doing is finding information on bullying and some of the other issues my characters face and make this a place for information and resources on those topics. I did that with my blogfest post, Tory’s Day, highlighting child molestation and think it is a good idea. So to kick things off, I’d like to share a video I found through my friend, Paul Joseph and while he is not the author of the below video, he sets the example on finding resources and information to share on bullying. And while this is not exclusively about bullying, it is about letting you know… it does get better.

It Gets Better

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