The Reader’s Gift

Today was one of those days. You know the sort where Murphy is somewhere in the universe pointing his finger at you and laughing his butt off. Yeah… that was my day. The type where after you arrive at work (or school), you think you just should have stayed in bed with the covers over your head. My day job can be quite stressful. And after an entire morning of things going wrong and having to fix them, and not feeling like I accomplished anything, I told my boss it was time to run the white flag up the pole. And then I went to fortify myself with more coffee to keep battling against the impossible wave and I noticed a lone envelope sitting in my mail slot. A look at the return address made me smile because it was from the grand prize winner of the blog tour for Tattered. After filling my coffee cup, I returned to my desk and took the first moment of the day for just me and opened the note. What was inside brought a huge smile to my face and sunshine to my heart. I had received the BEST gift a reader can give to an author. Rather than tell you about it, I snapped a pic with my phone and it is posted below:

Thanks so much to Ellie for bringing the best bright spot possible to my day.

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