Cycle 3, Day 3 – Hydration

My Status: Rested
Mood: Good

This will be a short post. Things went well today. I managed to have my first ever hydration day of less than 4 hours. YAY!!! I arrived early and got started about 15 minutes early, so finished in 3.5 hours. Lovin’ the new port for the speed if nothing else. But also loving that they don’t have to stick me to get the IV in. But the BIGGEST thing about today is I am OFFICIALLY 50% of the way through the treatment cycle.

**Sets off sparkly confetti cannon**

The road ahead is getting shorter and hopefully everything is working as it should with the treatments, and I will have a relatively clean bill of health at the end. It is very mentally and emotionally satisfying to hit the half way mark. I am surviving and doing it quite well, all things considered. Today really was a good day—the treatment was shorter, I got to spend time with my mom, and I took a two-hour nap. AND I managed to get some editing done while sitting in the chair. I feel blessed.

The picture today is a combination of butterflies (I see them as dancing) and a serene fairy because I need the fantasy touch at the moment.

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8 Comments on “Cycle 3, Day 3 – Hydration”

    1. Something had to make up for the increased time of day 1 😉 But yes, it helps so much mentally to know the time frame for day 2 chemo and hydration can be shortened. It’s the bonus for surviving day 1. 😀

  1. I am sooo thrilled u r half way done! WOOO HOOO! And praying daily for your clean bill of health at the end of this! Miss you terribly and love you tons!!!

  2. Congrats on reaching the half way mark. Kind of like reaching the halfway mark in a book–you’ve come this far, so you know you can make it to the end. Prayers.

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