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I haven’t posted for a while because of the holidays, but now that they are past, it’s time to give you the latest updates. I saw my doc on the 30th and she gave me a prescription for the port catheter so we won’t be hunting for a “good” vein anymore to use for chemo. I saw the surgeon today and the surgery is set for Thursday morning, bright and early. The doc had requested the port be put in on Monday, the 13th, but the surgeon overrode her decision because he felt I’d be too prone to infection if we attempted to use the port on the 14th.

I’m actually pretty good with all of it, except one phrase skeeves me out. It is even on the prescription … “leave the needle in.” To someone who is mildly needle phobic, this phrase turns my stomach. So now I have to wrap my mind around the fact that I will have a needle in me from Thursday through at least Tuesday. It’s going to take ALL of my skills in NOT thinking about it to get me through.

But, just in case, someone better have several choruses of Soft Kitty ready to talk me off the ledge. I’ll be fine if I don’t think about it … so I’d better stop now, or total freak out will ensue. Believe it or not, I have always been very good about receiving shots and giving blood, but horrible with seeing the actual needle. Oh well. *conjures up visions of rainbows and unicorns*

Over the holidays, I managed to find my writing mojo again, and have finished the draft of Down to Mercy, the fourth book in the Katie McCabe series. I’m so excited about finishing up this book, words fail me. I can’t wait until you have a chance to meet the characters between the covers. Although I don’t normally jump right into edits, there was enough time between writing the bulk of the book and finishing it, so I’m in the middle of first round edits and things are going very well. And I’m busting to get back to the edits so I can get some feedback and polish it up and make it even shinier than it was before.

The picture at the top of this post was chosen for two reasons … a nod to the weather some of my friends across the country are experiencing while we are baking in Southern California during the day. And the Kremlin a nod to my friend, Jane Kindred and her love of Russia, and the release of her latest book, Prince of Tricks. Jane is having a book launch party tomorrow (1/7/14), so stop by and party virtually for a chance to win some swag.

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  1. I wondered if they would decide to put in the port to make your chemo easier. You KNOW how I am about all things medical (nothing mild about my phobias) but I have had the port (mine was called a triple lumen picc) during one of my major medical issues and please trust me when I say that it wasn’t nearly squicky as it sounds. It truly did make getting any and all meds, blood transfusions, etc. easy peasy.

    If I can do this anyone can! But, just in case…

    Soft kitty, warm kitty
    little ball of fur
    happy kitty, sleepy kitty
    purr, purr, purr

    *repeats as necessary*

    1. You do make me laugh. 😀

      And yes, this is going to be a good thing for all – especially for me. No more missed vein, no more taking 20 minutes to find one. YAY!!

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