Tips for Young Writers

A few years back … *checks calendar* Wow! Time flies when you’re busy writing. … or a few more than a few years back, I worked with a teacher friend of mine and her gifted students on a creative writing module and put together a few posts with some writing tips for young writers. Since I will be starting a new book project just as soon as I finish the final read through on the editing project I’ve been working on, I thought it would be a good opportunity to dust the tips off, update them, and add more as I go through the process.

In the tips for young writers, we’ll cover the writing environment, how to get started, overcoming writer’s block, different storytelling methods, character development, plot development, conflict, continuity, and will then dive into the wonderful world of editing and how to trim the fat from the manuscript, different methods to give yourself fresh eyes for the work, and how to polish it until it sparkles, and whatever else occurs to me along the way.

I’ll be posting one tip every couple weeks and you’ll be able to find them under the Writing menu as Young Writers

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