All About What I Cannot Say

This is an update about some of the things I cannot talk about. 🙂 I know, somewhat ridiculous, right? But I am so happy about some things that are happening behind the scenes and want to share the marvelous promo image created for one of my projects I wrote a few years back. The writing game in many respects is a game of hurry up and wait. Get the project done, get it polished, submit it, and wait. Wait for the rejection, wait for the acceptance. And then, guess what? You’re going to wait again, even after hearing the first yes. Each project has its own cycle and its own path, and not everyone is the same.

The 7th Grade Revolution blends an actual classroom experience with history and plain-old made up fun. All my projects are special to me, but when I think of this one, I always think about the fun I had writing it. At the time, I needed a bit of a break from my normal, emotional-laden fare, and wanted something to have fun with. I found it. 😉

I tend to hop around categories since I write from Children’s Chapter Books through Young Adult and have recently started working on my next foray into the Middle Grade arena with The Star Warriors and the Secret of the Red Key, so it was nice to have my head fully in Middle Grade mode when I received the message from my Lit Manager, Italia Gandolfo, that we needed to put a package together (most of which had already been put together long ago, but needs to be tailored to the request) complete with promo image. Thanks to the wonderful talents of Michael J. Canales of MJC imageworks we soon had a fantastic promo image and one I couldn’t be happier with. It captures the elements and flavors of the book in a way I would never have been able to explain. Even down to the images of the kids. This isn’t a final book cover, only a promo image, so things don’t need to be exact, but as soon as I saw the image, I knew exactly who those kids were in the context of the story. So my little author heart is content.

So we hurried up and got my baby all dressed up for the prom and sent it on its way, and now we wait. And while we wait, I turn my focus back to what I need to be working on … my current WIP … and occasionally think about possibilities and what they would be. Whether this particular prom works out for this project or not, I do hope to have good news soon concerning The 7th Grade Revolution I can actually share. 😀 Until then, I am HAPPY to share the promo image.

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