The Journal of Angela Ashby Playing Cards

The Journal of Angela Ashby will be releasing in 15 days. I feel as if I should be running around in circles screaming my head off because I’m not ready yet. There is still SO MUCH left to do, even though the book itself has been done for months. One of the things I have been meaning to do is let everyone know I will be selling signed copies of the book from my store and also have some gorgeous playing cards, illustrated by Mister Sam Shearon. Just look at the picture … 🙂

I had honestly meant to have this post out first thing this morning, but then got waylaid by good news about 7th Grade Revolution being a finalist in the 2018 Digital Book World Awards. And while I’m extremely happy about that, I STILL need to let everyone know about the cards. On top of that, my publisher, Vesuvian Books has a bunch of merchandise on Redbubble and I’m told there is much more to come, but couldn’t wait to share all the lovely stuff with you.

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