Distractions and Silliness

I’m currently in the middle of working on the first book in the Homeless Myths series (The Star Warriors and the Secret of the Red Key), which means unless I am in the zone, I am more distracted than usual. Most writers I know when settling in to write become fascinated by everything under the sun, except what they are supposed to be working on. So it was the other night … I thought, “Just a quick glance at Facebook …” and I lost the next hour or two. And it all started with a sloth skillet.

My friend, Alexandrea Weis, saw something on her timeline she thought I needed … a sloth skillet. I loved it! And I don’t even like pancakes, but there are so many other applications for the skillet, I was undeterred. All thoughts of my Homeless Myths went out of my head and off I went, like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, except I hurled myself into the rabbit hole. I found the company who sold the skillet, but alas, could only find a dog skillet. While normally, the dog skillet would have been fantastic, anything that reminds me of my character Sergio — a pygmy three-toed sloth — will always capture my attention.

Next thing I know, I have stumbled across adult onsie PJs that were head to ankle SLOTH. They were too much for me to resist. Once they leaped into my virtual cart, there were suggestions about what other people had purchased with the PJs. Of course, there were slippers. Not a sloth, but they were cute and the holdiays are coming, so I clicked the link. And there in the midst of a fox, a koala, a panda, red panda, and an owl, were sloth slippers. «Insert huge gasp here» The very thing I needed to complete the outfit.

I was giggling so much over my purchases that when the sloth PJs arrived, I had to share with Alexandrea. She loved it so much, I started looking for a raccoon outfit for her. Why? Because of her furry friend, Rodney. Once I uncovered an adult onsie raccoon pajama, I double-checked the slippers. Surprised, I thought there should be a raccoon along with the other animals. Disappointed, I searched and while there were raccoon slippers, none that were the right fuzziness were large enough (because the only size they had on the cutest ones was toddler). I did find some other things that Alexandrea and I had a good laugh over, though.

So while I didn’t get as many words on the page as I had wanted to, I did enjoy getting dressed up as a sloth and sharing the moment with friends. Yes, after Halloween with no trick-or-treating going on, I dressed up in a sloth costume. Because I wanted to — and because it was fun. Who knows? Maybe when I’m working on Sergio’s stories, he’ll sit on the edge of my laptop making sure the right words are going on the page, and I’ll channel my inner Sergio while wearing a sloth suit. If the words don’t flow then, I’m not sure what else would work. 😉

Although, with Sergio I have never been at a loss for story. He is one of those characters I hear clearly while writing.

Sergio is my sloth in front of the camera for any Cameo shout outs we do … but now, since I can be a sloth, too, if you ask nicely, I might just do the shout out in sloth wear. With Sergio, of course. 😀

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2 Comments on “Distractions and Silliness”

  1. Liana, you captivate the reader’s attention and hold it. Thank you for your very important contribution to our world which needs you and your words of inspiration.

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