What a Difference a Week Makes

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Welcome to Rainbow Falls. Last week this time, my head was so fuzzy, I couldn’t think straight, I spent the bulk of the day in bed because of the fatigue levels, I had had a reaction to the chemo the day before and generally felt crappy. Going into chemo this week, I had no idea what to expect. Because the oncologist put me on a precautionary dosage of prednisone for 3 days, I felt better and stronger by Thursday. My fatigue levels weren’t as bad, and my breathing had vastly improved. I’m not saying I was skipping up the stairs, but at least I could climb them without having to take a break afterward to get my breath under control.

Whatever else would happen, at least I was stronger going in than the week before. And this week? No reaction. I saw the doctor after my treatment and we were both cautiously optimistic about the lack of reaction and hopeful it wouldn’t occur later in the day (it did not). But then she gave me some EXCELLENT news. My chemo schedule has changed. The original plan was to have chemo 3 weeks in a row, one day a week, then skip a week and repeat for 6-8 months. Because I am responding so well to the treatment, it will now be 3 weeks in a row, one day week, and then once a month for 4 months. To say I am excited about the reduction in times I’ll have to have an infusion is an understatement

My biggest concern all along was how I would handle the constant barrage on my body of the once a week. My poor body has been through so much over the past couple years that trying to envision that finish line was a bit difficult knowing I would essentially be going once a week without recuperation time in between. Once a month for only one day is SO MUCH better.

The picture for this post is reflective of how I feel. Such a beautiful rainbow image of Niagara Falls. I equate rainbows with hope and going through chemo is a little like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, so the two together accurately represent my feelings right now. I may still have to navigate the Falls, but hope is shining through for a better tomorrow.

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