Being Compared to Judy Blume

I am drifting on a cloud. . . my work has been compared to Judy Blume. Now, that may not seem like a big thing to some, but I remember a time when Judy Blume was THE author for young adult books, when the concept of young adult was in its infancy. I have just received a review of my … Read More

Joining Facebook

I joined my first social networking site today – FaceBook. So far, I am finding it a little frustrating, because they categorize groups and finding friends in a different manner than I would and the search functionality to me is a little cumbersome. Other than that, we will see. My reason for joining was that, the young adult review … Read More

Coloring Page

I had a brainwave today and have been able to put it together and get it posted to the website already. As I was driving along on my way to the dentist, I realized that I had a black and white copy of the cover of Misfit McCabe which would make an excellent coloring page companion piece to the book. … Read More

Still the Petite One

All right, this post is going to expose my vanity. Elsa is now bigger than I am, so I am still the most petite pup in the house. You don’t know how much that makes me smile. I like being the littlest, especially since I am no longer the youngest. Elsa is longer than I am and also has longer … Read More

Developing a Book Trailer for Misfit McCabe

I have been doing my homework today and looking up book trailers on YouTube as I try to develop a book trailer for Misfit McCabe. A book trailer is a very good tool for marketing and in today’s publishing environment, pretty much a requirement. I haven’t started the process for obtaining all of the pictures that I want to use, … Read More

YouTube Overload

We are running on YouTube overload here today. My Mama is doing research on book trailers so that she can create a book trailer for her juvenile fiction book Misfit McCabe and my Papa seems to be searching YouTube for the videos of what stupid people will do and want to show everyone. It is amazing to me the things … Read More

Ode to Pineapple

Ok, as you know, I was skeptical about how this whole pineapple thing would be. I actually enjoyed it, against my better judgement. When Mama offered it to me, I sniffed it and it didn’t smell half bad, so I stuck my tongue out and licked it. Sweet! It was sweet and a little tangy and so juicy it was … Read More

Will Wonders Never Cease

Upon signing on to my computer after work today, I found that I had actually become a prize winner. Now mind you, I never win prizes. I enter contests from time to time, but wins usually don’t come my way. So, I was absolutely delighted to win a copy of John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, which is … Read More

Pineapple & Poop

Today’s topic is a little disgusting. It is about coprophagia (thanks to Gryphon for helping me look that one up) which means to eat feces. This is apparently a common thing among puppies, although I simply can’t believe that I even thought about doing something so disgusting. Well, it is a topic in our household, because Elsa occasionally partakes. Now … Read More

Writing Break

Tonight I took a little break from writing to assist my in-laws with the installation of their DSL line. I have finally brought them into the technological age. It took a little longer than it should have. . . ok – a lot longer than it should have, as the phone company canceled their account, but installed the line and … Read More

Technical Trials & Tribulations

Well, today we spent a lot of time over at GrandMuttMa and GrandPupPa’s house. They just had a DSL line installed and my Mama was installing the modem and software so that they could get up to speed online. What should have been an easy half hour installation, turned out to be all afternoon and evening. The phone company messed … Read More


Interesting happening today (well to me anyway). Last night I wrote and posted an article on Author’s Den about the Lulu Book Review site. The intent of the article was to make the author’s at Author’s Den aware of the site. When you are a POD (print on demand) author, it is sometimes difficult to get a review for your work. I was very pleased to find this site, especially since it looks so well put together and already a lot of information is appearing on it for such a new site.