A Dog’s Life

Okay. Everyone has heard the phrase “A dog’s life” and it is used like it is supposed to be a bad thing. I’m here to tell you that a dog’s life can be pretty sweet. Take this morning for instance, everyone was sleeping nicely and all of a sudden this great whopping buzzer starts ringing. Both Mama and Papa start … Read More


Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. ~ Anonymous Cage. Pen. Crate. Whatever you want to call it, they are made for animals. There seems to be a division among people as to whether these things are good or bad from the dog’s point of view. I won’t speak for other species such as birds … Read More

Who’s the Boss

Believe it or not, I am starting my own blog. Mainly because I have a lot of opinions that I think everyone should know. Topic of the day? The fallacy of the relationship between man and dog. Historically speaking, man has always considered himself the master of his pets. When referring to a pet’s owner, we often hear something like … Read More