Technical Trials & Tribulations

Well, today we spent a lot of time over at GrandMuttMa and GrandPupPa’s house. They just had a DSL line installed and my Mama was installing the modem and software so that they could get up to speed online. What should have been an easy half hour installation, turned out to be all afternoon and evening. The phone company messed … Read More


Interesting happening today (well to me anyway). Last night I wrote and posted an article on Author’s Den about the Lulu Book Review site. The intent of the article was to make the author’s at Author’s Den aware of the site. When you are a POD (print on demand) author, it is sometimes difficult to get a review for your work. I was very pleased to find this site, especially since it looks so well put together and already a lot of information is appearing on it for such a new site.

The Great Sucking Monster

All you dogs out there – this is directed to you. How many of you hate that great sucking monster that roars through the house on a periodic basis. I know the Gryphon, Elsa and I do. There we are sitting comfortably on a lap or pillow and this thing comes out of the closet and wreaks havoc in our … Read More

Dancing a Jig

I am so jazzed to have completed the posting of the 17 articles that I have written (so far) that are geared for Young Writers. I wanted to get that off my plate before really getting into the purpose of this blog which is to talk about writing, the writing process, my novels, articles, etc. Reformatting them for the blog … Read More

Pillow Talk

Today’s topic is pillows. Now you might think that a pillow is designed to rest your head on. Wrong! Pillows are for dogs to lie on. Now I don’t know about big dogs, but I can tell you from the perspective of the petite pup, that the quality of the pillow matters. I myself like a nice, soft pillow that … Read More

The Food Game

All you two-legged creatures out there, listen up! When it comes to food, dogs like to eat and they may or may not like to share. Now, Gryphon and I have always shared our food. We either eat from the same bowl, although sometimes at different times, or take turns getting treats from our Papa (and extra scraps of food … Read More

My New Puppy

Gryphon points out that the title of this post is incorrect ~ it is Our new puppy and not just mine. Actually, no one asked me if I wanted a new puppy and if they had, I would have answered very quickly, “NO!” Gryphon and I had things very well and didn’t really need a new puppy. After all, all … Read More

Long Hiatus

Well friends, it’s been a long time. I’m sorry for the long delay, but it’s been difficult getting some quality computer time. Why the long delay? Well, my Papa retired from the Coast Guard and was occasionally freelancing, but otherwise out of work, and I had the job of sitting on his lap and comforting him during the job search. … Read More

Paw’s Up

Several have asked about my sign off of “Paws Up!” and what it means. For me this is a phrase that has several meanings (as all good catch phrases should have). The first and foremost, and probably the one most will think of, is the dog-version of “thumb’s up”. Okay, it can be the cat version too, so all you … Read More

Holiday Howls

I’m sorry that I haven’t had a chance to get to the computer and let you know what has been going on with Gryphon and me, but my Mama has been hogging the keyboard. She’s been tied up with getting a new aspect of the business up and running. Something about selling 24/7 computer support through Juvio ~ Solutions for … Read More

A Dog’s Life

Okay. Everyone has heard the phrase “A dog’s life” and it is used like it is supposed to be a bad thing. I’m here to tell you that a dog’s life can be pretty sweet. Take this morning for instance, everyone was sleeping nicely and all of a sudden this great whopping buzzer starts ringing. Both Mama and Papa start … Read More


Stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage. ~ Anonymous Cage. Pen. Crate. Whatever you want to call it, they are made for animals. There seems to be a division among people as to whether these things are good or bad from the dog’s point of view. I won’t speak for other species such as birds … Read More