Hanging Around

sergiotreeSergio is on a quest to calm Luna down about his ability to climb trees. For the past couple days they’ve been hanging from the porch rail to give Luna a chance to get used to clinging to a wooden object. Today Sergio decided he should show Luna how safe it was for him to cling to the tree just outside the front door.

He truly understands her and knows how to calm her fears in an instant. When he started his way up the tree, which is truly little more than a bush, Luna started making squeaking noises and rocking back and forth. Sergio stopped, not even a foot from the ground and turned his head to smile at her until she calmed. Then inch by inch, he made his way up the tree. This is where being a sloth comes in extra handy. He knows how to move slowly enough not to excite Luna.

After he reached the top, he poked his nose through the branches so he could see her better and told her how he was hanging on with his arms and his legs and there was no chance of his falling because he used the branches like a chair.

His only complaint after spending an hour in the tree? The leaves weren’t as tasty as those of the red mangrove tree. 😉

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