Sloth on a Shelf – Day 4

img_20161129_162935Apparently I do not have enough lights strewn through the house. I caught my little sloth scamp, Sergio, in the stairwell trying to untangle a huge strand of lights … 328 feet of lights to be exact. And while I say he was trying to untangle them, I think the only thing he was doing was tying himself up with the lights. Even though I knew the answer … I had to ask.

Me: What are you doing with all those lights.

Sergio: How else will Santa know which house to stop at?

Me: Do you expect to run enough lights that he’ll see the glow through the windows like the beacon of a lighthouse?

Sergio: (snorting) Of course not, I was going to put Luna’s House in lights on the roof.

Me: (trying very hard not to laugh) Since Santa has never failed even one Christmas in finding me, why don’t we keep both the lights and all sloths off the roof.

snoopychristmasdoghouseIt took me nearly twenty minutes to free him from the light strand. Goodness knows how long it will take me to get it all straightened out again.

I swear letting him watch Christmas specials has been a bad thing. He now believes the only way to attract Santa’s attention is to decorate in the style of Snoopy’s doghouse. Maybe Charlie Brown and I should have a chat.

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