Emotionally Drained

Friday on my way home from work, I was very excited because I had the weekend in front of me and I didn’t have any outside obligations, so I had a clear space in which to work on the sequel to Misfit McCabe. Now it is Sunday evening and I’m getting ready to call it a night. How did I do?

As I am writing this, I am emotionally exhausted. I was able to write over 10,000 words this weekend, so I feel good about my progress. I would probably have been able to get a few more thousand words written, but I was hampered by having written a very emotional passage, which always saps me.

Earlier in the week, I had written a scene between two of my characters and by the very nature of the setting, the whole scene had to be in conversation and I was a little frustrated because I wanted to bring a little more action to the story. I decided that since one of the characters was telling the story of what had happened in the past, that the way to make the writing more action packed was to write the scene in flashback. Well, I started off well enough, but then the characters in the flashback gripped me and took the story the way they wanted to go (writers love when that happens). Anyway, by the time I finished the flashback, it was one in the morning and I had gone through about 10 kleenex. My eyes were red and puffy and my mind was still spinning with story line possibilities (but I could barely see through the slits that used to be my eyes).

Since I wrote the flashback passage Saturday night, I was still reeling from the influences all day today and wasn’t able to get as much writing accomplished as I had hoped. One of the issues was that I had broken off at an emotional point to go back and write the flashback, and I was still not ready to dive back into the serious emotion that would be required, so had to look for a lighter passage to work on.

Of course, then I have to deal with the fact that I am highly distractable and it doesn’t take much to get me off course. Even if I had been 100% in the writing zone, like I was on Saturday night, I would still have had to contend with Elsa jumping up on my lap every 5 minutes and laying her head on the keyboard – effectively stopping me from writing. But, even with all of that, I was able to get 3,000 words done.

Now I’ll have to go back to work tomorrow and work toward next weekend when I can once again find a chunk of time to write in. Although, I have been doing fairly well during the week. Unless I have a night conference call, I have been averaging 2,000 words a night. The sequel is now up to slightly over 26,000 words and I feel like I am just getting started.


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