Misfit McCabe Series – Book 3

Whoa!! Where did the time go?? Here I’ve been minding my own business working away on book 3 of the Misfit McCabe series, getting a start on book 4, and realized, just today, that while I’m in coming into the home stretch with book 3, I haven’t posted ANYTHING about the writing of it at all.

So, what can I share about this book? Well, the working title at the moment is No Boundaries. That may change, I still haven’t completely settled on the title. After I finish this phase of editing and do a couple complete read-throughs, I’ll know whether the title works, or not.

Currently, I am in the repetitive word phase of editing. I have a very colorful manuscript and I’m going through line by line and targeting those words which I have overused and I focus specifically on the passive words. This is the phase for me where the book actually changes the most – not the story line, but the writing shapes up most significantly during this phase. This sets me up nicely to continue on with the editing for pace and flow.

No Boundaries contains all of the characters from Misfit McCabe and Nowhere Feels Like Home plus one or two more. During the course of the book, which is centered more around school life and how Katie and Tim are fitting in, Katie will make both friends and enemies. But sometimes it is difficult to tell which is which. My favorite new character is Sunny Li, who showed up before I started writing the book and kept tossing me lines. In order not to lose what she gave me, I kept a document of Sunny lines (although I didn’t know her name at that point). I didn’t know how this character would fit in, but I knew she was going to have a part. I love when characters show up and completely take control of their part. It makes my job as the writer so much easier.

A few more rounds of editing should see this book completed. Speaking of which, I should get back to it.

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    1. Shannon – so sorry I missed your comment until now. It’s been crazy. I finally have a day to catch up with some things. On the cover pic – not quite sure, this is a definite possibility though. I’m still wading through the edits and hope to complete this round of edits by the end of the week. But then have a couple more rounds to go and I’ll be searching out feedback.

    1. Thanks for dropping by to comment. Editing has been at a stand-still this week because I attended the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference over the weekend and have been playing catch up on the rest of my life and with sleep. I’ll get back to it by this weekend and hope to finish up this round then.

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