Good Grief, Charlie Brown

I just finished writing a rough (and I mean very rough) synopsis of No Boundaries and in the middle of it, I realized Good Grief!! I packed a lot of crap stuff in this book!!! Not that having a packed book is a bad thing… it just makes it difficult to summarize.

I thought about how I came to have so much going on in the book. First of all, it’s the third book in the series, and there are story lines that were started in book 1 (Misfit McCabe) which are carried through book 2 (Nowhere Feels Like Home) and into book 3 (No Boundaries). And there are story lines that started in book 2 (Nowhere Feels Like Home) and carried into No Boundaries. So at the beginning of this book, I already had two books worth of story lines to keep track of, plus the new story lines and characters in No Boundaries… no wonder I feel like this one is bursting at the seams. And I still have two books in the series to go.

The other reason why there is so much packed into the book is I like it that way. I do write some serene sections of reflection, but those are generally short and then we move back to more things happening. And on reflection one additional reason for the book to be full of goings-ons. Misfit McCabe was about Katie, Nowhere Feels Like Home is about Katie and her family, so the scope broadens, No Boundaries is about Katie and her relationships at school – an even bigger scope, the next book in the series will be about Katie and the world, and the final book in the series… well it’s a secret for now.

Now I can get back to the job of finishing the edits on No Boundaries so I can launch it and get the next book written.

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    1. Thanks, hon. I really like having lots in a book too. But the synopsis *pulls on hair* … I don’t know how I’m going to boil this down for the back cover.

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