Surgery Day

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Surgery day started dark and early … the alarm woke us at 04:30. The dogs ignored the alarm going off because they are used to their Papa getting up at odd hours for work. They did a double take when I rousted myself to shower. The surgery itself went very smooth. As a bit of irony, the only trouble they had with the entire process to put in a port because IV’s were getting difficult, was getting the IV for the surgery in. 😀 My poor hand had to put up with two tries because the first ballooned. Nothing new, right?

Surgery complete, recovery went well, except my nurse asked whether Denny was angry because he was so solemn, so I explained he gets worried about me, and I’m the one making jokes throughout the whole process. FORTUNATELY, everything is covered up so I can’t see the needle… YAY!!! This makes me happy because what I don’t see doesn’t bother me. The bandage is a little extreme though. I feel like I have a combination of half a football pad and half a neck brace on.

I literally have to turn my body when looking to the left, down is easy, but up pulls. This is caused by the tape on my neck. I figure tonight while I sleep, the tape will pop and in the morning I’ll adjust it to be more comfortable for the next few days. I had to laugh because the first thing I did was pop the tape while getting dressed. That’s when they went tape crazy… trying to keep it from popping when I lifted my arms, they added gauze and tape.

Normally, I’d take a little more time to explain my day, but I came home and went straight to work for the day job because my colleague was having a surgery this afternoon and someone needed to be there. And I am so close to the end of my first round edits, nothing, not even surgery, takes precedence. I will be finished (tonight if I can last)

Oh, I now have a little key chain do-dad explaining the port to carry with me at all times. I have the Power Pack—a fitting name. The picture at the top was chosen because it is gorgeous, dramatic clouds with sunshine bursting through. A perfect picture for the day.

Off to finish my edits. 😀

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8 Comments on “Surgery Day”

  1. Yay!! I’m glad the surgery went well and they should be able to back off the overkill dressings after a while. If not we’ll just make it a new fashion trend! 😉

    And you have the POWER PACK!!! Which just makes me think of He-Man holding up his sword. “I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!”

    1. The dressing will come off on Tuesday for the chemo session (if it doesn’t all pop off before then… I’ll go get some gauze … in case.)

      And yes, I particularly liked the Power Pack … a gal came in with a bunch of ports for the surgeon to select from… I DO have the POWER!! *raises sword* *dressing pops off* HA! 😉

    1. Thanks so much, Maribeth. The surgery site is a mere scratch at this point. All the doctor’s are very pleasantly surprised at how well and quickly it healed.

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