WITW is MMC? – Woodinville, WA

I have fond memories of Woodinville. I was actually in Washington on business, I forget exactly what the purpose was, but I was visiting the office that my company had in Bothell before heading up to our Vancouver office. Since there was a weekend in between, I was able to attend the Annual Fool’s Day Parade, also known as the … Read More

2008 in Review

I’m not really a believer in resolutions.  The word resolution to me is like the phrase, “I’ll try.”  When someone says, “I’ll try,” what they really mean is “don’t hold your breath.”  It’s like a built in excuse for failure.  With “I’ll try”, if I succeed, then I’m the hero, if I fail, well, I never promised anything.  A resolution … Read More

Merry Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. For those pups that celebrate another holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Winter Solstice. The picture below is our Christmas card for this year. That’s Gryphon to the left of Pooh, I am between Pooh and Tigger and Elsa is standing … Read More

Christmas is Coming

One of my favorite times of the year. . . .and it’s almost here! Here’s hoping that you and yours have the very best!

WITW is MMC? – Durango, CO

Book 1, the Purple line is moving along in Colorado. It started off in Bayfield and has now made the short jaunt through the mountains to Durango to visit in Miss Pam’s class. They are definitely enjoying the book – to check out what they have to say about Misfit McCabe, read the comments on the Book 1 page of … Read More

WITW is MMC? – El Paso, TX

Actually, Book 7, the Pink line, arrived in El Paso quite some time ago, around the same time as the Brown and Teal lines, but I forgot to post its arrival, mainly because it has been so quiet I think it might be doing a little sightseeing before settling down to be read. To give you a visual of something … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick little post to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a very special time because it allows us all the opportunity to review our lives and realize all of the wonderful things which we have been given. I even think back on those things that were negative in nature and find something to be thankful for … Read More

A Moment of Thanks

With Thanksgiving coming closer it’s a good time to look at your life and all of the good things that we have been blessed with. I, for one, feel that I have been a very fortunate pup. I have a Papa and Mama who love me and treat me like the princess that I am. I have Gryphon who has … Read More

Elsa – the St. Bernard

Ok, I thought I was done with Elsa stories, but she obviously likes my writing little stories about her. Last weekend Gryphon and I noticed that Elsa was drooling a little bit. Mama noticed too, but she thought it was that Elsa was sleeping so hard she drooled a little bit on the pillow she was laying on. Well, that … Read More

Death of the Book – Not Yet

Being an author, I love books, although it seems somewhat axiomatic to say so. I enjoy holding them in my hands, turning the pages and diving into the world that the writer has created for us. That being said, with the advent of e-book readers the world of books as we know it is changing. There may, one day, be … Read More

California On Fire

I had an appointment that I had to go to at noon today, and the smell of smoke was almost overpowering as I stepped outside my house. I knew that there was a fire burning in Sylmar because we had seen that information earlier. There was definitely too much smoke in the air to be from the Sayre fire which … Read More

The Puppy in the Mirror

We are having a bit of an issue with Elsa because she keeps wanting to bark at the puppy in the mirror. While we are playing on Mama and Papa’s bed, she’ll catch sight of the puppy out of the corner of her eye and then she becomes obsessed. She runs to the edge of the bed and stares into … Read More