Celebration Dance

I think I can finally come down from the clouds now. I finished writing the sequel to Misfit McCabe late Monday night, and inside have been dancing on table tops ever since. It is a fantastic feeling when you put that final period of a manuscript on the page.

I did a quick read through of the manuscript last night, and I do have some editing work cut out for me, but overall I am definitely pleased with the shape and the scope of the book. The good thing is that I also have set myself up for the next book, because apparently I’m writing a series (I wish the characters had clued me in to that a little earlier). There is definitely more story to be told.

This weekend I’ll be able to get into the editing process and will hopefully come up with a title. I usually give my books at least a working title prior to writing, but this one I deliberately didn’t try to title because I wasn’t sure where the book was going to end (I had a feeling once I started that it would develop into two books)

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