Day 2 of Good Progress

It is extremely satisfying to note that I had a second day in a row of good progress on editing my novel, Nowhere Feels Like Home. With the starts and stops that I have been experiencing, and inability to focus on getting the job done, prior to yesterday, I began to despair (just a teeny tiny bit). I should really trust myself better, and realize that I am working true to form. First I find it difficult to even look at the manuscript, then I progress to looking at it and not doing much but read the same words over and over again, and wonder why I even started the project to begin with because it is obviously a mess that is beyond repair. Then I move into the fun phase of seeing how many things can be used to distract me from the main purpose of actually keeping my butt securely in the chair in front of my screen with the manuscript on it. Since Easter is approaching, I have been able to get quite creative in some of the distractions used this time around. After all, I had to pass out all those pretty eggs for folks, didn’t I? Oh, another major distraction, Twitter. All of those articles to catch up on, that I’m sure I need to know about. Once all of the distractions have been dispensed with, and there are no more emails to respond to, no phone calls to make, nothing to tweet about, and the easter egg quota has been used up, I can finally look at my manuscript and get something accomplished.

Today, I managed to pick up where I left off, and edited the section I wrote in last night. This was actually an unprecedented move on my part because I am never able to edit a passage so close to the actual writing of it. In fact, I not only did some tweaking on the work (which wasn’t terrible to my surprise), but rewrote a section and managed to stave off a bout of distractability while doing so. That was an accomplishment in and of itself, and I am still patting myself on the back for it. After completing that, I went on and finished the editing on 32 pages (for this phase of the editing process). So at the conclusion of my writing session today, only 76 pages remain to be edited, and while a part of my brain is screaming 76 pages!!!! and sounding like a teenager being asked to take out the trash, the rest of my brain knows that I have made it over the hump and should experience the downhill slide any moment.

Then we get to go through the whole cycle again for phase II of the editing process. Oh well, I still have a few months before my self-imposed deadline.


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