Nowhere Feels Like Home – Tentative Chapter List

Last night, or rather early this morning, I went through and did a tentative chapter naming for Nowhere Feels Like Home. Most of the names are set, but a few may change. I’m going to have to live with the chapter titles for a few days to see how well I like them, plus during the editing phase, which I am still in, these things do have a tendency to change. The titles are:

  1. Dreading the Day **Untitled** Reliving the Nightmare
  2. Out of Sarah’s Past
  3. Bad Boy Rusty   Motorcycle Ride **Untitled** Family Rift Overprotective Cousins
  4. Overprotective Cousins Whiskey Kisses
  5. Slander Anyone? Slander
  6. Matchmaker Midge
  7. The Accident
  8. Keeping Secrets
  9. Hiding Timmy Runaway
  10. Crankiness Rising
  11. Managing Anger Take a Deep Breath
  12. The Deal is Done Admission of Guilt
  13. The Talk
  14. Added chapter Retaliation
  15. Sneaking Out
  16. Return to School   Tell It To The Marines New Beginnings

Don’t get too wedded to these names as even this morning some of them are up for the chop. But, it helps me to have names for the chapters, so I feel good to have a list to start playing with.

**Addendum** – I’ve decided to edit the list every time I change a chapter heading just for fun to keep the list up to date, but leave the old title as well using strikethrough, so we can see how many changes the titles underwent before publication.

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    1. That may end up being the title if I don’t come up with something else. I was just sitting here thinking about what to title it and had to distract myself because I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, and read your comment. Thanks for the good laugh.

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