Sloth on a Shelf – Day 15

The visit from the elves caused Sergio’s excitement to soar. He was ready to pack a bag and join them as toy makers at the North Pole. Then … just as he turned to dash across the slope … the shine went out of his eyes and he frowned.

Me: What’s wrong?
Sergio: The elves that were here are blonde.
Me: nodding
Sergio: But I’m not blonde. What if all the elves at the North Pole are blonde?
Luna drifted over when she heard him wailing.
Me: I’m pretty sure Santa has some dark-haired elves.
Sergio: But all the important elves, like Hermey from Rudolph are blonde. He turned toward Luna. You have lots of dolls. Maybe I could borrow some blonde hair from one of them. I promise I’ll give it back just as soon as I return from Santa’s workshop.
Luna: No! Sergio not blonde! She stamped her foot. Santa won’t know who you are if you’re wearing a wig.
Sergio: Hmmmm… you may have a point. Besides, I can’t go to Santa’s workshop right now anyway. The elves have given me a secret mission and I have to go to Toyland to talk with the Captain of the Guards.

With that he was off, back to the house to pick up some travel gear with Luna walking right beside him, telling him what he needed to take.

Sergio had a quest and he loved it so hard,
He ran off to visit the Captain of the Guard.
The elves gave each critter a mission to claim,
And they whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

And after he returned from his travels, I did see him sneaking a doll’s wig and trying it on for size. It’s a good thing Luna didn’t know.

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