Sloth on a Shelf – Day 17

When all the critters arrived, Luna was running around making sure they were all bundled up for their trip. Ella fit perfectly into Luna’s thick knitted beanie and quickly shaped it into a snug little nest. Her nose and eyes peeked out over the brim. Bobo giggled and danced with glee at how the doll’s raincoat fit, then he pretended to ice skate across the floor, kicking up a big blue foot with each glide. Finn grinned as Luna strapped on the fleece dog coat and marched around the house once the booties were on.

Rin helped himself to a Christmasy sweater and scarf set, although Luna had to help him find the right hole for his head when he got caught in the sleeve. When she got to Jagger, he just shook his head and combed his already thick fur coat. Luna paced for a few moments, worried that Jagger would get cold, even though he was more used to the weather than the other animals. She ran to the closet and pulled out a bright yellow scarf and wrapped it around Jagger’s neck. He stood on his hind legs to better admire how he looked in the mirror.

When she reached Sergio, she didn’t have anything to give him, as he was already dressed as an elf … and if an elf cannot survive the North Pole, then nothing can. But at the worry in her eyes, Sergio drew her into a tight hug. She told him to be careful, and to come back safe. Sergio already had everything figured out, you see. He’d drive the sleigh with Rin and Ella as his navigators, and Finn, Bobo, and Jagger would keep an eye out for anything else flying in the sky. Then he walked her over to the Santa and sleigh wind chime and told her when she heard the chime it meant they had arrived safely and were getting the details for their secret mission.

The critters all gathered, to the North they did fly,
Bundled for winter, so they all would keep dry.
Rin and dear Ella took their places as crew,
With the sleigh full of Toys, and elf Sergio too.

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