Sloth on a Shelf – Day 18

sergiochimneyAfter arriving at the North Pole for their mission briefing, Sergio and the gang talked Santa into allowing them to deliver a few of the packages. Rin hooted when Sergio out-talked Santa … because Santa was going to say no, but Sergio reminded him that they needed to practice for their mission. Santa had planned to send one of the elves with them, but Jagger and Bobo loaded the sleigh so quickly and Ella had the route all mapped out, so Sergio and Rin hopped aboard and the reindeer took off, while the guide elves ran behind yelling to catch their attention. But the critters were too busy laughing to hear.

At the first house, Sergio climbed up to the roof and scaled the chimney. He told the others he’d scout things out before they brought the presents up … because after all, what would happen if he couldn’t get through. At the top, he hung out for a moment after peering down the shaft and told the gang that they’d better be prepared as it was pretty dirty down there. Then he let go with a “Wheeeeeee!”

They arrived with a bounce, and I watched in such awe,
The joyous helpfulness of each little paw.
The packages were unloaded up there on the roof,
Down the chimney Sergio slid with an, “Oof!”

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