Sloth on a Shelf – Day 20

When the presents had all been delivered, Sergio turned the sleigh toward home as snow softly fell from the sky. As they journeyed on, the flurries grew greater and they spied a great place to build a snowman.

Huffing and puffing after making the big snowballs, Sergio lifted his nose in the air to catch the snowflakes as they fell on his tongue. He stilled when he heard a mewing noise coming from the brush. Following the sound, he discovered a baby Sand Cat, who had become caught in the brush. He soothed her and released her hind leg from the brambles.

Across the opening twigs snapped and scratching noises were heard. Bobo waddled over and peered into the bushes — first one way, and then the other. The branches shuddered and out popped a small Tasmanian Devil. Both were alone and lost in the snow, so they decided to head back to the North Pole with Sergio and the crew to see whether Santa could help them find where they belonged.

The presents were gone, they had emptied the pack,
And the critters all knew they should take the sleigh back.
But a snowman they built and while donning the hat,
The cries reached them from a lost little Sand Cat.

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