Sloth on a Shelf – Day 22

On the way back home, Sergio and the crew stopped to decorate a tree so the woodland critters would have something pretty to look at for Christmas. Just after they finished decorating the tree, the snow stopped and they stood soaking in the moment. Something about standing on new-fallen snow looking at the beauty of the glimmering tree filled them with peace.

The animals in the surrounding woods came to the edge, drawn by the lights on the tree. The evergreen — the pagans believed it a symbol of immortality and something to ward off evil. And for Christians it became a symbol of life. The lights were to ward off darkness and show us the way — a reminder of Jesus. In the midst of the winter hush, Ella raised her voice and sang the first verse of Silent Night, her pure notes dancing on the air. When she finished the verse, Sergio, Finn, and Sandy joined in on the second. Soon Bobo, Tizzy, Rin, and Jagger lent their voices. When they finished the third and final verse, the last note still vibrating the air, every heart beat with the spirit of Christmas.

On the way home, the critters did see,
A perfect place for a Christmas tree.
The lights how they twinkled to show them the way,
And the crew felt the full meaning of Christmas Day.

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