Sloth on a Shelf – Day 23

After decorating the tree for the woodland creatures, the crew set off for home. After flying for an hour, Sergio became worried. They didn’t seem to be getting closer to anything they should know. He double-checked with Rin and Ella, who agreed they were off course.

Rather than panic, Sergio thought about all the Christmas stories he had read, and decided they couldn’t go wrong by following the brightest star. After all, it worked for the wise men when they were trying to find Jesus, didn’t it? He scanned the sky. And there … before them … was the brightest star he had ever seen. It was beautiful — the most glorious star in the heavens.

He turned toward the star and on they flew. He knew he had to make it home before Christmas Eve, or Luna would be upset. The light from the star lit the hills and valleys below, and Sergio wanted to be able to share its beauty with Luna when they arrived home, so he landed, so they could take a selfie with the star in the background.

The star up above was a beautiful sight,
Sergio prayed for its guidance with all of his might.
He couldn’t thank her enough for letting him roam,
But now was the time he had to be home.

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