Sloth on a Shelf – Day 16

When Sergio returned from his visit with the Captain of the Guard at Toyland, he waltzed into the house twirling the ends of his mustache. What is his obsession with fake hair anyway??? First the blonde wig and now a mustache? Luna immediately demanded that he remove the mustache. Sergio stopped mid-twirl.

img_20161129_144332Sergio: But Luna, I had to put on the mustache.
Luna: folding her armsWhy?
He led her to the chair where they always read their books and snuggled up next to her.
Sergio: In Toyland there is an evil man named Barnaby.
Luna gasped and her hands covered her mouth
Sergio: And Barnaby likes to kidnap and shrink people who get in his way, so he couldn’t know I was there. In order to chat with the Captain of the Guard to get the information I needed, I had to look like the rest of the guards, and they ALL had mustaches.
Luna: So what did you do?
Sergio: I snuck into the toymaker’s lab, inch by inch, and found the box of toy soldier parts and found the biggest mustache I could find. He wiggled his nose. It tickled at first.
Luna: Weren’t you afraid that the toymaker would find you?
Sergio: I had a plan. If the toymaker came in, I’d freeze and do pretend I was a stuffed toy.
Luna: That was so brave of you, Sergio.
He beamed.
Luna: Now take the mustache off.
Sergio: You don’t think it makes me look dashing?
Luna: You don’t look like MY Sergio!
Sergio: He peeled the mustache off and put it in his pocket. I’ll just keep it in case I need to go undercover for an assignment again. Speaking of … the other critters and I have something to do for Santa’s elves. I found a heard of magical dachshunds to help us fly.

As he trotted out the door, I heard the elves calling out.

“Now, Ella! now, Bobo! now, Sergio and Rin!
On, Jagger! on, Tizzy! on, Sandy and Finn!
To the kids you must go! and their hearts hold in thrall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!”

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