Book Festival

I am very please and excited to be scheduled to attend the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books taking place Saturday, April 25, 2009 and Sunday, April, 26, 2009. Of course, I have a lot of stuff to pull together to get ready. I need more bookmarks, more books, and all sorts of other things that go along with getting … Read More

Thoughts from the Morning Commute – Authors Twitter

It’s been a few days since I posted one of my thoughts from the morning commute. Part of the reason is that I took a few days off and wasn’t going to work. I was barricaded at home behind my computer screen madly editing away on Nowhere Feels Like Home. Since being back to work, my morning thoughts have primarily … Read More

Dancing on Top of the World

I’m doing a happy dance because I have officially completed the editing process (phase I) for Nowhere Feels Like Home! Whoo Hooo!! People, I think we might actually have a book on the way. The phase I editing process is always the worst (unless of course I happen to be in phase II, III, or IV of the editing process … Read More

Day 2 of Good Progress

It is extremely satisfying to note that I had a second day in a row of good progress on editing my novel, Nowhere Feels Like Home. With the starts and stops that I have been experiencing, and inability to focus on getting the job done, prior to yesterday, I began to despair (just a teeny tiny bit). I should really … Read More

A Good Progress Day

I have been struggling a little bit with the editing process, feeling like I was going too slow and not accomplishing very much each day. Of course, there have been all sorts of interruptions to the process, which doesn’t help. I don’t like setting goals and not meeting them however, so have not been pleased with my progress. Part of … Read More

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Visuals

Every morning my commute takes me down the backside of the happiest place on earth (now there is a blog waiting to be written) and I always enjoy watching the employees on their way from the parking lot to the job. Sometimes I see solitary workers hustling across the street as I wait at the stoplight and sometimes it’s a … Read More

Paw Princess on the Move

I feel like fireworks are going off. I finally convinced Mama to integrate The Paw Princess Diary into Griffie World Happenings. Do you know how I did it? I kept asking her to post a blog entry and since with my blog on Blogger she has to log out of Gmail so I can log on to post an item, … Read More

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Twitterizing the Workplace

I was chatting online with fellow author, Shannon Yarbrough (Stealing Wishes, The Other Side of What) this morning before getting ready for work about a post on Twitter. I noticed that he posted that he was staying home from work due to illness and commented on it as our communication continued. Then, as we went far afield on several different … Read More

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Griffie World

This morning as I was driving along, I started thinking about change. Most of us don’t like change when it is thrust upon us, and I’m no exception to that. At work we have been trying to keep all of the machines running although they are getting up there age-wise and are definitely past their use-by date. I’ve been hording … Read More

Thoughts From the Morning Commute – Traffic

Today, I thought that I might do a little blog about St. Patrick’s Day as I left for work wearing green pants and a blouse with some green in it. Maybe some musing on how much trouble you can get into drinking green beer (not that I have any personal experience with that), or perhaps some leprechaun lore, to help … Read More