My Secret Friend

I had planned to be taking a hiatus from blogging after doing 24 days of Sloth on the Shelf with Sergio, but sometimes something unexpected happens to change those plans … as did in this case. Since I am pretty much confined to home because of illness, during the month of December, I had several things delivered. Gifts from friends, … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 24

After Sergio and the crew arrived home, Luna clung to Sergio like she’d never let him go. He told her he had BIG news from Santa and her eyes grew huge. Next thing we knew, a helicopter flying overhead descended and Santa came down on a rope. Hopping off, he greeted Sergio, Luna, Rin, Ella, Bobo, Finn, Jagger, Sandy, and … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 23

After decorating the tree for the woodland creatures, the crew set off for home. After flying for an hour, Sergio became worried. They didn’t seem to be getting closer to anything they should know. He double-checked with Rin and Ella, who agreed they were off course. Rather than panic, Sergio thought about all the Christmas stories he had read, and … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 22

On the way back home, Sergio and the crew stopped to decorate a tree so the woodland critters would have something pretty to look at for Christmas. Just after they finished decorating the tree, the snow stopped and they stood soaking in the moment. Something about standing on new-fallen snow looking at the beauty of the glimmering tree filled them … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 21

Communications from the North Pole have been a little sluggish over the past couple days. I guess Santa’s internet is probably struggling under the weight of last minute requests as he is getting for presents. Plus I’m sure the elves are updating the naughty and nice database constantly, just in case Santa needs to change out the gift for a … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 20

When the presents had all been delivered, Sergio turned the sleigh toward home as snow softly fell from the sky. As they journeyed on, the flurries grew greater and they spied a great place to build a snowman. Huffing and puffing after making the big snowballs, Sergio lifted his nose in the air to catch the snowflakes as they fell … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 19

When Sergio climbed back up the chimney to give the all-clear, Rin, Bobo, Ella, Jagger, and Finn brought the presents through the back door, which had been left unlocked. Rin snickered at all the soot on Sergio’s elf clothes, while Finn grabbed a brush and dusted him off. At a crack from the logs in the fireplace, Ella scampered and … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 18

After arriving at the North Pole for their mission briefing, Sergio and the gang talked Santa into allowing them to deliver a few of the packages. Rin hooted when Sergio out-talked Santa … because Santa was going to say no, but Sergio reminded him that they needed to practice for their mission. Santa had planned to send one of the … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 17

When all the critters arrived, Luna was running around making sure they were all bundled up for their trip. Ella fit perfectly into Luna’s thick knitted beanie and quickly shaped it into a snug little nest. Her nose and eyes peeked out over the brim. Bobo giggled and danced with glee at how the doll’s raincoat fit, then he pretended … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 16

When Sergio returned from his visit with the Captain of the Guard at Toyland, he waltzed into the house twirling the ends of his mustache. What is his obsession with fake hair anyway??? First the blonde wig and now a mustache? Luna immediately demanded that he remove the mustache. Sergio stopped mid-twirl. Sergio: But Luna, I had to put on … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 15

The visit from the elves caused Sergio’s excitement to soar. He was ready to pack a bag and join them as toy makers at the North Pole. Then … just as he turned to dash across the slope … the shine went out of his eyes and he frowned. Me: What’s wrong?Sergio: The elves that were here are blonde.Me: noddingSergio: … Read More

Sloth on a Shelf – Day 14

While everyone was having a wonderful time playing in the snow, I saw Sergio go on red alert. He drew up to his full height and peered into the trees on the other side of the hill. He swayed and narrowed his eyes as if trying to find something. I glanced at the trees and saw a flash of color. … Read More